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Confidence is such an important quality in all aspects of our lives, personally and professionally! Did you know that confidence is a skill set that can be learned, developed and enhanced? Improved confidence leads to better results in your life and allows you to become more effective in everything you do.
Gary Takacs, in collaboration with Janice Hurley, proudly presents: "Mastering Confidence in Your Personal and Professional Life"
We are Providing this MasterClass to Support a Cause that is Very Important to Janice and Gary. 100% of your MasterClass Tuition will be donated to ‘Pastures of Grace’; a non-profit Organization that Supports Young Women in Crisis
2 CE Credits Provided!
Date: 16th January 2024
Time: 5 PM - 7 PM Pacific Standard Time
Speakers: Gary Takacs (Practice Advisor and Dental Coach)
and Janice Hurley (Dentistry’s Image Expert and Dental Coach)
Tuition: $97
To learn more about the amazing, life-changing work of Pastures of Grace Women's Program, please visit

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Meet the MasterClass Presenters

Janice Hurley
Janice Hurley
Gary Takacs
Gary Takacs

Key Objectives/Learnings:

  • Where and When confidence is key
  • Demonstrating confidence in First Impressions
  • Specific Benefits of confidence in your personal and professional life
  • What does confidence look like?
  • Neuroscience and confidence (You will LOVE this!)
  • The 10 Personality Traits of confident people
  • Things you can control to create a confident mindset
  • What does confidence sound like?
  • Tips to help your team members and co-workers develop their confidence
  • Confident language
and much more!

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Live Q&A with Janice and Gary
  • 2 Hours of CE Credits
  • Full Masterclass Recording
    (NOTE: the Masterclass will be recorded and a copy of the recording will be sent to all Masterclass Registrants)
Date: 16th January 2024
Time: 8 PM -10 PM EST
Speaker: Gary Takacs (Practice Advisor and Dental Coach) Janice Hurley (Dentistry’s Image Expert and a dental practice management consultant and coach)
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Gary Takacs
Gary Takacs
(Practice Advisor and Dental Coach)

Our speaker, Gary Takacs has over 43 years of experience as a dental practice consultant, specializing in dropping PPO plans effectively, optimizing practice profitability and financial independence. He hosts the renowned Thriving Dentist Podcast.

Gary Takacs
Janice Hurley
(Dentistry’s Image Expert and a dental practice management consultant)

Dentistry's Image Expert, boasts over 30 years as a dental practice management consultant and coach. As an international author and speaker, she specializes in helping professionals enhance treatment acceptance and attract quality patients by projecting professional excellence and confidence in their dental practice.

Thank You in advance for supporting the life-changing work of Pastures of Grace! Your tuition is making an incredible difference in the lives of others!

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This Masterclass Workshop is with 3 hours of CE

All speakers must disclose to the audience any proprietary, financial, or other personal interest of any nature or kind, in any product, service, source and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith that will be discussed or considered during their presentation. The Thriving Dentist Inc does not view the existence of these interests or uses as implying bias or decreasing the value to participants. It is important for the participants to form their own judgment about each presentation, and you are cautioned about the potential risks of using limited knowledge when integrating new techniques into your practice.CE Verbiage