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Less Insurance Dependence
Rating: 5 "I have known and worked with Gary for more than a decade. He understands what it is to be a dentist; why we are at times trapped in our own psychology and how to change our paradigms more than anyone else I have ever worked with or hired. Listen and follow his advice and you will see success!"

Key Coaching Areas in the Mastermind Based on Gary’s 39+ Years of Experience

Real Life Case Studies. Learn how Gary has implemented the Less Insurance Dependence system in more than 2000 Dental practices.

How To Work On Insurance Adjustments. Learn the best strategies to reduce insurance dependency and increase practice profitability in a competitive market.

How To Resign From Insurance Plans Without Losing Patients. Learn how to successfully communicate with patients while going out of network.

How To Create A Systems-Based Practice. Learn how to structure your practice in a way that will increase case acceptance and attract quality new patients to your practice.

How To Grow Your Practice With In-office Membership Plans. Learn how to attract patients who do not have dental insurance with proven strategies.

How To Lead With Social Intelligence. Learn how to master the art of leading with social intelligence with Gary.

Gary Takacs with David Hornbrook DDS, FAACD, FACE, FASDA - Internationally renowned speaker, lecturer and mentor.

Gary Is a Featured Authority on Popular Dental Journals & Podcasts

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Sign Up..

When does the Mastermind Start? The Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind will start mid-April 2019 (dates to be confirmed by the end of March).

How do I join the Mastermind? Join each mastermind session from your laptop/desktop via Zoom.

How often do I have to participate in the Mastermind? In order to fully benefit from the Mastermind, members are required to participate each week for 1-hour sessions packed with information & strategies to transform your practice.

Why should I be there? To revitalize your practice by busting loose from insurance dependency, increasing practice profitability and attracting quality new patients.

What is Gary’s Mastermind about? The single most important strategic decision that Gary has made in his co-owned dental practice, LifeSmiles, was to reduce its insurance dependency. That challenging decision along with the actions and strategies enlisted thereafter has made all the difference in the world for LifeSmiles Dental Care.
Seeing the massive success of his own dental practice, Gary decided to create a unique online Mastermind, called the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind created as a lifetime resource for dentists choosing to journey on the road to reduced insurance dependency.

Gary Takacs with his Daughter Mari at his co-owned dental practice, Life Smiles Dental Care
Less Insurance Dependence
Rating: 5 Gary is not only incredibly knowledgeable but abundantly passionate. Listening to his podcasts alone has given me a tremendous amount of value. I look forward to personally working with Gary! Highly, highly recommend."

What Are Your Benefits As An Elite Mastermind Member?

Follow Gary’s Blueprint for Success

Reduce insurance dependency in your practice and convert your dental practice into a world-class dental practice.
Exclusive Monthly Coaching Calls

Where Gary will share specific strategies to reduce insurance dependency and boost practice profitability.
Lifetime Pricing for Membership

Founding members of the LID Mastermind will receive lifetime pricing of $249 per month where your Mastermind membership investment will never go up.
Become a Mastermind Group Leader

A unique opportunity to develop your leadership skills with personal tips from Gary each week.
Benefit from coaching worth $30,000!

Benefit personally from Gary’s 39+ years of experience and practice management coaching.
Full Access To Lifetime Resource

Benefit from a lifetime resource of strategies, solutions and like-minded peers who will help you make the right decisions for your business.
Less Insurance Dependence
Rating: 5 "I know Gary since many years and have attended some of his lectures. He is definitely one of the TOP Speakers and Experts in the Field of Dental Marketing and Dental Business. No doubt!"

What Is My Mastermind Membership Investment?

Joining the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind will provide dental practice owners with a unique experience to;

Connect with like-minded dentists who will support your journey towards a thriving & profitable practice.

Become a part of a group of dynamic individuals geared towards success with whom you can brainstorm and share critical insights.

Benefit from the personal coaching of Gary Takacs (international speaker & leading dental practice coach) worth $30,000.

Level up faster in your business by accessing Gary’s proven strategies for dental practice success.

As an exclusive founding member of the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind, practice owners will be eligible for Gary’s Founding Members’ Lifetime Annual Membership Plan of $249 per month (for members who prefer to pay annually) and $329 per month (for members who prefer to pay monthly) for the mastermind year.

*Save $960 on your annual membership fee by choosing to pay membership upfront for the mastermind year.

Gary Takacs with Dr Gordon Christensen, Founder and CEO of Practical Clinical Courses (PCC), Co-Founder and CEO for Clinicians Report Foundation (CR) and practicing prosthodontist in Provo, Utah.
Less Insurance Dependence
Rating: 5 Gary Takacs has one of the sharpest minds in all of dentistry. Listen and learn with Gary on how to thrive as an insurance-independent, truly patient-centered practice! "

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