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Discover the precise and essential steps required to successfully resign from PPO plans.


Discover effective ways to successfully gain your team’s complete support and commitment toward reducing insurance dependence!


Discover techniques to obtain the necessary data to resign successfully from every contracted plan.

Bonus Scripts!

Sharing the message with your dental patients.

How to answer the question “Do you take my Insurance?”

Numerous dentists seek to terminate their association with PPO plans due to the challenges and distress caused by dependence on insurance companies. However, how can you effectively resign from PPO plans?

Upon acquiring my practice, LifeSmiles, I swiftly discovered that we were burdened with over 34 PPO plans and an overhead of 80%!

We managed to drop all PPO plans while retaining more than 85% of our patient base and have aided over 2200+ practices in doing the same.

We’ve developed a blueprint that has made the process of resigning from PPO plans highly efficient. Download this free guide now and be equipped to eliminate those PPO plans and boost your practice’s profitability.