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Your roadmap for driving massive new patients with the mouthguard course to making $101,000+ per year with super fans!
Learn How to Create NFL Quality Mouthguards as a Marketing Approach to Increase New Patient Referrals.
How would you feel if I say that you could easily earn over $101K per year from the Mouthguard project?
Yes, it is possible as I have been there & I have done it!
I want all my listeners to benefit from this step-by-step Digital course that I have done with Dr.Greg Pitts to support your practice to do good; because people in your or any community LOVE to support businesses that do good!
This project has been a grand slam in terms of the numerous benefits for the practice!
Each year this has been a great hit for us in my practice, LifeSmiles, and that is why I decided to give this Best Selling Digital Course of mine worth $199 for FREE, as I want to support all my listeners worldwide during this time!

This post-pandemic world is an opportunity for all of us to find ways to grow, & I want you to stay hopeful & have a steady game plan for your practice!

Use this 'time' to master the Mouthguard course and implement it in your practice to experience the endless benefits of this course.
Free Course Worth $199

Course Contents

Video 1: Introduction

Gary Takacs teams up with Dr. Greg Pitts to dive deep on "The Mouthguard Project."

This can be a key element of your Comprehensive Marketing Plan. The Intro session covers the Why and What of this key project.

Next, Greg gets deep into the step-by-step details of creating professional-grade mouthguards.

Video 2: The How & Making It Part of Your Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The Mouthguard Project is part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

What are the benefits you could gain from this course?

  • Instant lifetime access to all the courses,
  • Step-by-step guide on How to create NFL quality Mouthguards with custom made designs.
  • Tips to market your dental practice
  • Tips on how to attract new patients & many more..

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