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Reduce your dependency on insurance; break free!

If you have been practicing dentistry for a while and working with one or more PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans, you would know how it drains your practice earnings. Some dentists even pay insurance companies around 38 cents for every dollar earned, causing considerable dents in their profitability. The situation has become so severe that some dentists believe that there is no future for private dentistry practice.

But does this have to be so? Not necessarily!

If dental practices can reduce their dependence on insurance companies, they will regain their profitability and improve their working environments and the industry, thus "making dentistry great again."

Who is Gary Takacs?

This is where Gary Takacs comes in. With over four decades of experience in the dental industry, many years as an outstanding coach, and as Co-owner of Life Smiles Dental Care in Phoenix, Arizona, Gary has managed to reduce insurance dependence and return his practice to profitability.

Now, Life Smiles is a thriving practice with some of the happiest and best-paid staff in the sector.

The nationally-recognized guru of dental practice success is ever ready to share his knowledge and experience with other dentists out there. He has been doing exactly this with the Less Insurance Dependence (LID) podcast he co-hosts with Naren Arulrajah, Founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing.

Founder of Life Smiles Dental Practice

Why should you listen to the
Less Insurance Dependence Podcast?

This podcast aims to help dentists reduce insurance dependency in their practices and save money. According to Gary, the current dental insurance system is broken. Many dentists feel they are on a hamster wheel, working long hours and hard to fulfill the conditions laid down by insurance companies. This has robbed them of the joy of practicing their profession and impacted their quality of life. Gary wants to help them reduce their insurance dependency, make their practices profitable, regain their joy and enthusiasm for the profession, and improve their lifestyle through the LID podcast.

The podcast has already aired over 200 episodes. Topics have included marketing a dental practice, overcoming the fears encountered by dentists when they move out of PPO plans, communicating these plans to patients, and how dentists can implement in-office membership plans as a step to reducing insurance dependence in their practices.

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If you want to find out how much insurance companies are eating into your profits, you can do so at no cost!

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If you’re already working with a marketing company, here’s a checklist you can use to assess the marketing prowess of them.


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Co-Owner of Life Smiles Dental Care
Gary’s Masterclass, webinars, and MBA workshops are other opportunities you can use to break free from the stifling grip of insurance and reach new heights.
Some of these are paid events that will immensely benefit dentists, associate dentists, and team members of dental practices.
A 3-hour live event, where Gary Takacs will teach you the exact steps you need to take to successfully resign from PPO Plans at your practice.
Personalized Coaching
One-on-one coaching for only a limited number of dentists on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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Digital Marketing Support to help you attract ideal new patients to your practice who trust you.

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We’ve studied and analyzed successful business systems in place at many world-class practices responsible for their continued success, year after year.

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These are the key pillars that you need to implement in your practice to develop the best possible practice environment for you, your team, and your patients.

These 10 Elements have helped over 2200+ coaching clients develop a practice where their patients now know, like, and trust them for the care and attention they provide, and not because they are on their insurance plan!

Our Happy Dentists...

Dr. Siemen, DDS

Dr. Siemen, DDS

Gary and his team offer value far exceeding expectations, no detail is overlooked. Systems and coaching sessions are presented with enthusiasm and genuine passion for the advancement of the doctors and the dental profession. Truly caring and supportive team!

Dr. Maxwell, DDS

Dr. Maxwell, DDS

Rating 10/10, based on value for all the Zoom calls, services & materials you provide. Plus, the relationships I'm building with Gary & Naren.

Dr. Kellerman, DDS

Dr. Kellerman, DDS

I would say that you guys have done exceptionally well! I really like the format of team videos and I appreciate how Gary makes himself accessible to his coaching clients. The information we learn is relevant and actionable and helps us move our practices forward. So, I would say a 10 out of 10!

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