Episode 79: 5 Things You Can do From Home to Grow Your Practice

April 16, 2020
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In this episode, Gary and Naren discuss 5 important tasks you can do from home to help your practice continue to grow. Although it is a trying time and we are not able to be working in our dental practices, there is so much you can do from your home to keep your practice thriving.


  • Introduction to today’s episode > 00:50
  • Live Stream One Day MBA > 01:00
  • We are in challenging times > 04:00
  • One- Now is the time to outreach and connect with select patients > 08:21
  • Two- Follow up on past-due insurance claims > 18:10
  • Three- Follow up on unscheduled treatment plans > 23:00
  • Four- Review recorded calls and train to be more effective on the phone to turn new calls into conversions > 23:58
  • Five- Once you know when you can re-open, someone needs to engineer your schedule and get the ‘rocks’ in > 25:19


Specific Guidelines & Strategies to Work From Home


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