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Hi, I’M GARY, Co-host of Less Insurance Dependence podcast and Co-owner of LifeSmiles Dental Care. With over 30 years of experience, I have helped countless dentists achieve success and build thriving practices they’re proud of. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!


Gary’s coaching sessions are aimed at fulfilling the ultimate goals of every dental practice owner. From reducing insurance dependence to practically applying a 2.5 million dollar model, he has all the right tips and tricks for your practice!

Increased profitability

Gary’s coaching programs are designed to help dental practices become more profitable by reducing their dependence on insurance and improving patient relationships. By implementing the strategies and techniques learned through coaching, practices can increase their revenue, reduce expenses, and ultimately achieve greater financial success.

Improved patient satisfaction

Gary’s coaching programs are focused on helping dental practices build strong relationships with their patients. By providing exceptional patient care, practices can improve patient satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals. This can ultimately lead to increased revenue and practice growth.

Customized coaching solutions

Gary’s coaching programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each practice. By providing customized coaching solutions, Gary and his team can help practices address specific challenges, identify growth opportunities, and implement effective strategies for success. This personalized approach can help practices achieve their goals and thrive in today’s competitive dental market.

What will I Learn from Coaching?

Coaching Mastermind

Revisit your progress, stay on track with your goals, learn from other dentists what works, what doesn’t!

Make the best of both worlds!

Team Training

The strength of your practice depends on how well you’ve trained your team members!

These sessions will train your team members to act like world-class team members!

Reducing PPOs

Becoming a Less Insurance Dependent Practice is crucial if you wish to own a thriving & profitable practice!

We have sessions dedicated to helping your practice get ready to drop PPO Plans at your practice as soon as possible!

Verbal Skills Training

Many practices lose countless opportunities due to the team members’ lack of excellent verbal skill training!

Enhance your team members’ verbal skills across various aspects of dentistry; front dentist training, hygiene scheduling & reactivation, effective handling new patient inquiries, and much more!

Comprehensive Conversion Call Training

New Patients are the lifeblood of a dental practice; however, your marketing will not prove effective if you cannot convert them!

Help your Team Members master the art of effectively converting new patient calls to booked appointments!

Best Practices

These group coaching sessions are designed to get you exposed to the best strategies, techniques, methods, and practices that you can adopt at your practice to enhance your patient experience while learning from one another!

Case Acceptance

Being able to lead case presentations at the right time confidently, in the right way that encourages the patient to accept the treatment plan, is a crucial skill every dentist must master if they wish to do more comprehensive dentistry!

These are a series of sessions that will help you master the art of case acceptance in your practice!

Book Club

Special discussions where we review and apply various concepts in a way that’s relevant to you as a practice owner and your team members!

Many opportunities to learn, interact and engage, adding more value to how you function as a dental practice!

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Dr. Siemen, DDS
“Gary and his team offer value far exceeding expectations, no detail is overlooked. Systems and coaching sessions are presented with enthusiasm and genuine passion for the advancement of the doctors and the dental profession. Truly caring and supportive team!”
Dr. Kellerman, DDS
“I would say that you guys have done exceptionally well! I really like the format of team videos and I appreciate how Gary makes himself accessible to his coaching clients. The information we learn is relevant and actionable and helps us move our practices forward. So, I would say a 10 out of 10!”
Dr. McLachlan, DDS
“Overall I feel the program has been phenomenal. I love how systematic it is. I feel that it steps you through every system quite well and helps build a much better practice. Altogether A+++”
Dr. Maxwell, DDS
“Rating 10/10, based on value for all the Zoom calls, services & materials you provide. Plus, the relationships I’m building with Gary & Naren.”

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