About Us

There is an underlying precept in our country’s healthcare system that medical professionals can only survive through increased participation in insurance programs. The Less Insurance Dependence podcast series exposes that misperception, shedding light on how Dentists can thrive by breaking out of the insurance-controlled business model.

Nationally-recognized Guru of dental practice success, Gary Takacs, shares inspiration to help you start running your practice your way. He along with co-host Naren Arulrajah, CEO, and founder of Ekwa Marketing will share practical tips to show you how to get out from under the yoke of deeply discounted fees mandated by insurance companies – a scheme that keeps you on the treadmill, working harder and longer hours for less income.

Less Insurance Dependence is all about allowing you to deliver the highest level of care, make it affordable for patients, and earn the living you deserve for your commitment.

Learn how to take control of quality, pricing, and margin, and start enjoying your profession again.
Gary Takacs
The Godfather of Dental Podcasting
Host of the Thriving Dentist Show Podcast
Founder of the Thriving Practice Academy
Co-Owner of Life Smiles Dental Care
Naren Arulrajah
CEO of Ekwa Marketing
Co-Host of the Thriving Dentist show
Co-Host of the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry Facebook community