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In this episode, Gary and Naren discuss the changing dynamics between dental practices and Delta, a dental insurance organization. They draw a parallel to boxing, with Delta being on the ropes, meaning they face challenges and are in a defensive position. Historically, Delta had the upper hand, taking advantage of dentists who felt they had no choice but to participate. However, the tide is turning, and dentists are gaining leverage. Evidence of this includes Delta allowing the assignment of benefits to the dentist when out of network, which was previously not the case. The discussion also highlights the influence of employers who purchase insurance policies, as they hold power over Delta. Legislative changes and administrative pressures are further forcing Delta to adapt. Despite these positive shifts, the episode emphasizes that Delta’s fee schedules continue to decline, causing profitability concerns for dental practices. They encourage dentists to evaluate their insurance plans strategically and consider resigning from Delta, sharing success stories of practices that have successfully reduced their insurance dependence.

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Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:50 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:03:00 – Quick announcement about the upcoming Master Class
  • 00:05:54 – Jumps into the topic
  • 00:06:56 – A Boxing analogy
  • 00:08:36 – The 5000-pound bully 
  • 00:10:26 – The golden rule
  • 00:11:56 – Writing checks for the benefit
  • 00:13:24 – Fire breathing down Delta’s back 
  • 00:15:52 – Can we provide a profitable service at their fee schedule?
  • 00:17:04 – Resigning from Delta


Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs One of Gary's most significant achievements as a dental practice management coach is transforming his own practice, LifeSmiles, from one that was infected with PPO plans, no effective marketing strategy, and an overhead of 80% to a very successful dental practice that is currently one of the top-performing practices in the US.

With over 2,200 coaching clients, Gary has first-hand experience transforming insurance-dependent practices into thriving and profitable practices.

Through his Personalized Coaching Program, Gary shares access to the systems, strategies, processes, and experience gained over 41 years of coaching dentists and transforming over 2200 practices worldwide.

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Naren Arulrajah

Naren ArulrajahAs CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren has over a decade of experience working with dental practices and helping them attract the ideal type of patients to their practices. It is his goal to help dentists do more of the type of dentistry they love with the help and support of effective digital marketing.

Ekwa’s "Done-For-You" Digital Marketing model blends fundamental persuasion principles with an all-in-one Digital Marketing solution to help your ideal patients find you and choose you for reasons other than being on their insurance plan.

If you’re interested in finding out if Ekwa is the right fit for you and your practice, book a Free Marketing Strategy Meeting with Ekwa’s Marketing Director, Lila Stone.

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