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Episode 66 – Frequently Asked Questions From The ‘ILove Dentistry’ Facebook Community

January 16, 2020
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In this episode Naren and Gary answer some of the most frequently asked questions from the ILove Dentistry Facebook Community! Gary answers these questions in-depth, as he has experienced them with his Life Smiles Practice.


  • Introduction to today’s topic > 02:05
  • How many ops does your practice have? >03:48
  • How do you manage your doctors working 3 days each? > 08:58
  • When do you know you’re ready to add an associate? > 16:14
  • How do you control scheduling? > 17:25
  • How do you manage those patients who want to come after work? > 19:53
  • One Day Thriving Dentist MBA Workshops: > 22:37

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