Episode 84: How to Attract Fee-For-Service Patients by Working with Small Business Owner Patients

May 21, 2020
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In this episode, Gary and Naren discuss how dental practices can attract fee-for-service patients as well as their small business owner patients. Listen to tips and options that can help your practice continue to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Introduction to today’s topic > 00:50
  • Coaching Webinars > 02:11
  • I Love Dentistry Facebook group > 04:21
  • When small businesses buy dental insurance > 08:04
  • Offering in house membership plans > 08:55
  • Relationship driven practice > 13:09
  • Identify 20 of your patients who own their own business > 14:52
  • Being genuine with your patients > 17:34
  • The language your team should use > 23:53


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