As a practice owner, you must have heard extensively about the significance of having a top-notch website for your dental practice.

Let us explain why you should consider elevating the digital marketing element of your practice as a part of your insurance dependency-reducing journey and why it is crucial, especially in a digital era.

Overview of the Benefits of Dental Marketing

It is one of the 6 steps to successfully reduce insurance dependency.

If you have followed the podcast, you know that there are 6 steps to reduce insurance dependency successfully. In addition, mastering digital marketing will help you create a flow of new patients who come to your office outside of PPO plans.

Afraid of losing patients after reducing insurance dependence?

You will lose a small percentage of existing patients when you are no longer contracted with specific PPO plans, and you must attract a new flow of patients. Digital marketing is a cost-effective method to serve this purpose; it's a science that allows us to be proactive.

Your patients need reasons to come to your office.

Nowadays, patients need plenty of information to make decisions. They need to know you, like you, and trust you before they decide to come to your office. Therefore, your website should reflect what you can offer, which is the best way to convince your patients to choose you among other dental practices.

Practice case acceptance rate will skyrocket!

With digital marketing, you will attract patients that come to you for reasons other than you being on their insurance plan. As a cause, when you recommend ideal dental treatments, they will not hesitate to accept them since they are not concerned about whether the treatment is covered by insurance.

Your potential new patients can easily find you.

With the help of the right marketing partner, the dental marketing in your practice eventually improves, and when someone from your local community searches for a dental practice, your website will show up on the first page of Google!

You can attract new patients by using a fraction of your income.

If you depend on insurance companies to generate patients, you will understand that you spend a massive amount on insurance adjustments. But with digital marketing, you can attract new patients by spending 2% or even less than that!

Here’s what Gary Takacs has to say about how Digital Marketing helped his journey in reducing insurance dependence.

After purchasing his dental practice, Gary Takacs understood the significant income a dental practice loses to get new patients through PPO plans.

At the time, he wanted to find an alternative method to get new patients, and after much contemplation, he decided to use digital marketing to attract new patients. And as anticipated, it truly worked!

He got marketing support for his dental practice from Ekwa Marketing and only spent 2% of his income. In 2018, Gary achieved record growth, and his practice now gets 90+ new patients every month!

Do you want to escalate your reducing insurance dependence journey by obtaining dental marketing support from Ekwa Marketing as Gary did?

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Here’s what some of the dentists who have grown their dental practices with Ekwa’s marketing support had to say!

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