THIS IS A PLEDGE every member must take if they choose to be a part of a mastermind group. They will do this as part of the application process and read it out loud during the first Mastermind Group Session (with 11 members.)

I, ______________ commit to a period of 12 months from the 1st day of my mastermind session I will be committed to the following:
1) I will be truthful to my team. This includes the information I share as part of my application form and what I share through every interaction with I love mastermind platform or those in my mastermind group.
2) I will attend at least 90% of the meetings. In the rare instance I am not able to, I will provide as advance of a notice I can to my group using the tool/s given to me to do so.
3) I will permanently block off the meeting time (typically an hour once a week) on the calendar and make myself available and present (without distraction) during that time. I will be in a place that I will not be disturbed. I will be in front of a computer and also have the ability to listen and speak (either via computer or phone.)
4) I know I will make weekly commitments to do certain things. Other than the book club assignment which happens typically once a month I choose what commitments I make weekly. When I make a commitment I will do my very best to keep those commitments.
5) If I am not able to keep my commitment, I will proactively let my team know in advance as early as possible using the tool/s provided to me. The tools include the weekly team meeting and the group chat software. I understand keeping these commitments is not just important to my personal and professional success as the business owner, but also key to the success of the group.
6) I will not disclose or discuss any information that is confidential in nature with others – outside of my 11 person group.
7) I know my group will stand in for me and my goals. In other words they will hold me accountable. I accept this willingly.
8) I commit to doing the same for every member of my group to the best of my abilities. Standing in does not mean making people wrong or judging them. It means being there for my group members in a truthful and nurturing manner. For example if a person continues to use explanations to not keep a commitment point it out to the person without getting upset.
9) At the end of the 12 months if I decide to stay with this group I will have to take a new pledge for the next 12 months. However during the 12 months – if for unforeseen circumstances I have to leave the group – I understand I still have to pay the monthly fees for the remainder of the 12 months. I understand this fee will be used to reduce the fee others in my group will pay. I understand this policy is in place, as leaving the group mid way is a loss to the entire group.