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Episode 67: The Importance of A 3-Year CE Plan

January 23, 2020
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In this episode Gary and Naren discuss how things have changed in the CE world from before the internet days to now. Gary also stresses the importance of developing your 3 year CE plan.


  • Your New Year’s resolution for 2020 > 01:45
  • The joy of breaking loose from insurance and becoming the best dentist you can be > 04:05
  • 24 Systems of a Thriving Practice > 05:23
  • How things have changed towards getting CE credits > 06:55
  • The mindset of the younger generation Vs older generation > 08:53
  • When you become a world class dentist > 12:25
  • Why 3 years of planning? > 16:05
  • 3 top institutes to consider when getting your CE > 17:50
  • Develop your 3 year plan > 22:05

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24 Systems for a Thriving Practice Part 1bit.ly/2RCq6dd

24 Systems for a Thriving Practice Part 2bit.ly/3aus1ZU

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