Less Insurance Dependence Podcast

Less Insurance Dependence Podcast

Learn how to bust loose from the limitations of insurance dependency
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Less Insurance Dependence Podcast

Thriving Dentist MBA Workshop With Gary Takacs

A workshop designed to help dentists create their ideal dental practice and achieve the personal, professional, and financial satisfaction they deserve
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Personalized Virtual Coaching

Thriving Dentist Personalized Virtual Coaching & Practice Management Support System With Gary Takacs

Step by Step Coaching to help you Develop Your Ideal Thriving Practice
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iLoveDentistry Community

iLoveDentistry Community

An exclusive online community for those who live & love Dentistry
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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode #300: 300th episode success story special
Episode #299: Payment Details When Resigning from PPO Plans
Episode #298: How to Speak to Patients about the value of being Out of Network
Episode #297: Why Haven’t PPO Plans Raised Fees or Yearly Maximums in 25 Years?

Upcoming Events

3-Night MBA Workshop

A workshop designed to help dentists create their ideal dental practice and achieve the personal, professional, and financial satisfaction they deserve by providing clarity on what they need to focus on along with a plan for the necessary action steps.

3 Takeaways / Learning Objectives

  • To provide a course that focuses on understanding the strategies and tips that can help develop an ideal thriving practice.
  • Make the Transition from a Transaction-Driven Practice to a relationship-driven practice where your ideal patients know, like & trust you.
  • Strategies to successfully reduce or eliminate insurance dependence in your practice.

September 19th, 20th and 21st

7.00 pm to 10.00 pm (EDT)

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Specific Plan to Reduce Your Overhead to 60% or Less

This is a 3-hour live event where Gary Takacs will go through a very specific plan designed to help you reduce overhead to 60% or less at your practice!

3 Takeaways / Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different expense categories and how they contribute to your practice overhead.
  • Understand the true impact of Dental Insurance and its relationship with high overheads and how you can overcome this!
  • A very specific plan that will help you regain control of your practice attract ideal patients to your practice, and still continue to grow your practice!

August 25th

7.00pm to 10.00pm (Eastern Time)

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Gary's Passion Video
Your Hosts

Your Hosts

I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Although I am not a dentist, I do own a dental practice in Phoenix Arizona and we have, in my own practice, successfully reduced our insurance dependency.
Gary Takacs
The Godfather of Dental Podcasting
Host of the Thriving Dentist Show Podcast
Founder of the Thriving Practice Academy
Co-Owner of Life Smiles Dental Care
Working with Gary is a rare opportunity to have a seasoned pro at your side in all areas of dental practice management. For over 30 years I have been within his sphere of influence, guidance and tutelage. Gary certainly knows his stuff.

Bill Williams, DMD
Numbers don’t lie, truth doesn’t lie. You really need to look at the numbers, because you are literally losing money with clients who have PPO Insurance.
Naren Arulrajah
CEO of Ekwa Marketing
Co-Host of the Thriving Dentist show
Co-Host of the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry Facebook community
Gary Kadi, CEO of Next Level Practice
Naren, you’re a genius! Simply a genius. I so appreciate a big thinker that takes the complexity out of things. You’ve done it in terms of a complex thing called marketing & being successful with digital marketing and you’ve mastered it. And what you’ve done with Ekwa and making it easy for dentists and their teams to market themselves is nothing short of miraculous. So if you’re a dentist that wants to automate how you approach your practice and your marketing, check out Naren and Ekwa.

Gary Kadi, CEO of Next Level Practice

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