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Episode 89: 90% of My Patients Have Dental Insurance, Can I Do This in My Practice?

June 25, 2020
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In this episode Gary and Naren discuss one of the most asked questions by dentists to date, can I resign from PPO’s when 90% of my patients have dental insurance? Gary talks about some important tips and shares some valuable insights about moving out of the past so that it doesn’t become your future.


  • About the upcoming MBA > 00:59
  • Benefit from our Freebies > 01:45
  • Introduction to today’s episode > 03:01
  • Can I do this? > 03:06
  • The vast majority of patients come from being in-network. Learn how to change that > 05:32
  • Your past does not need to be your future > 08:00
  • How using different forms of marketing can help you go out of network > 08:30
  • The Impact of contracted fees > 10:00
  • How to retain 85-90% of existing patients when going out of network > 12:18
  • Data on how many companies are eliminating dental insurance > 15:40
  • How to create a joyful practice > 18:00


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